Living Architecture is the Information. Space where Life is sheltered and resides. Life exists within this Space. The Information of Space is thus the Information of Life. Space is the essence of Architecture. Architecture is Space and Information, thus it is Life.

C.Y. Lee & Partners is an architectural partnership founded by C.Y. Lee and C.P. Wang in 1978. With V.T. Wu as the firm’s general manager, C.Y. Lee & Partners currently employs approximately 200 employees. With a core emphasis on Oriental culture and incorporating ecological concepts and modern technology, the firm offers architectural design services that are highly innovative, highly integrative and highly technical to deliver outstanding living environments. Insisting on a “human-centered” spirit to ensure mutual growth with its staff, C.Y. Lee & Partners aspires to become the international team at the forefront of modern Oriental architecture.

For the past thirty years, C.Y. Lee & Partners has relied on excellence in design and the outstanding experience accumulated from projects of various types to overcome the challenges faced in master planning, architectural design and construction administration. Utilizing art and technology as the cornerstones for creativity, C.Y. Lee & Partners seeks to bring 21st century Avant-garde Oriental Architecture to the world.

  • Master Planning
  • Architectural Design
  • Construction Management
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